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Global gaming platform for earning ingame items

We want to involve you
in fast-growing market

2.3 billion

Gamers play games on
different devices

+3% growth in 2017

$116 billions

Reached video games market in 2017

+8.2% growth in 2017


New games released in 2017

+15% growth in 2017

Main problems of game developers

And its disadvantages for developer

Hard to earn money from gamers

According to statistics there are only 2% of gamers, that pay fiat money in free-to-play projects

It is very difficult to test different gaming hardware

Lots of games are launched raw because it is very complicated to test the future project on different video cards and in different configurations

Small numbers of additional monetization tools on PC

Unlike from PC there are lots of possibilities for product monetization on mobile market, for example offshore networks

We help game developers to monetize their products

Our ecosystem will allow increasing revenue of game developers. Even paying customers bring money

What is Game Machine

Decentralized network with mining that is already supported by gamers

Working desktop client for windows and android applications

Platform for gamers and game-developers

We already work


Gamers use Game Machine to mine GMC and make purchases in games

8 games

Integrated in Game Machine shop with more than 300 in-game goods

Mining application, that already works and allows to mine cryptocurrencies and buy in-game items

Developer platform for creating tokens and advertise your project

Platform for investors with analytics and possibility to buy developers tokens

Mining app for gamers

Mining application, that already works and allows to mine cryptocurrencies and buy in-game items

Features :
  • Mining in-game items
  • 8 games already integrated
  • Smart mining mode for gamers
Tokens mined in this app are different from GMIT

Coming in 2018

Work in progress
App for developers

Developer platform for creating tokens and advertise your project

Features :
  • Create your own token
  • Advertise your project on platform
  • Sell tokens to gamers

Our team

Taras Dovgal


  • More than 5 years in development highload projects
  • ex-CEO hakk interactive agency
  • Serial entrepreneur
  • Educated at IIDF, CSC (Computer Science Center), ITMO University

Alex Isaev


  • More than 5 years in managment IT projects
  • ex-COO hakk interactive agency
  • Serial entrepreneur
  • Educated at IIDF, SUMIT, ITMO University

Ekaterina Kulakova


  • More than 7 years in game industry
  • 6 years of experience of marketing management in promotion of game projects
  • 3 years of experience of management of game products and their development

Andrey Volkov

Lead Server


Nicolay Mudry

Lead Client


Yaroslav Schehvatov

Android developer


Constantine Karpow

Head of Digital Marketing


Vladislav Pochukalin



Timur Djumagaziev

PHP developer


Vitaly Kabysh

Traffic Guru


Alice Kosykh

Community manager


George Plutakhin

Frontend developer


Ekaterina Tihonova

Lead tester


Advisory board

Pavel Naumenko

COO Nival

Game Industry

  • Studio head in Nival
  • Vast exprerience in B2C on C-level positions
  • Two Lomonosov MSU diplomas with distinction

George Basiladze

CEO CryptoPay

Financial & ICO Consulting

  • Co-founder of Cryptopay
  • Financial analyst
  • Skills in building complex financial models
  • Graduated from University of Exeter in London, UK and Higher School of Economy

Andrey Milosh

IT Consulting Expert

Ads Network Consulting

  • Experience in high loaded projects (up to 70K rps)
  • Managed 10 advertising products (in-app and web ads): 3 affiliate programms, 3 ad networks, 2 ad exchanges, 2 ad mediations
  • Experience in managerial, marketing, technical roles

Max Lusta

CEO GameBeets

Game Industry Consulting

  • CPO Game Beats
  • Organized the Russian stage of Europe Championship of Hearthstone since 2016
  • IGM Partner in eSports and offline activity

Pavel Sazykin

CTO Sphere Productions

Software Consulting

  • 16 years in software developing
  • Managing large developers teams (80+)
  • Creating services with 1m MAU, 6m sessions and 9k RPS (Shararam, Sharonavts)
  • DDoS attacks reflection more 50Gbit power

Andrey Moskvitch

IPS Consulting

Law Consulting

  • Ex-director Law Department at Yandex
  • Patent attorney & consultant for IP due diligence
  • Graduated from Université de Montréal
  • Co-Founder of 2AICO

Eugene Ulyanov

COO Mirocana

Business Consulting

  • Consulting at Embria, Appness, Domoby
  • Serial Entrepreneur
  • Wide experience in startup acceleration

Andrey Starchenko

Co-founder at AMT Games

Game Industry Consulting

  • 8 years in game industry
  • 10 projects released
  • 20m total downloads